Quick Reference: What New Visitors Want to See in Branson

The Branson Chamber of Commerce & CVB commissioned Springfield-based H2R Market Research to find out what would attract new visitors to Branson.

“Our research tells us that an aquarium is the top choice to attract new visitors,” says Chamber CEO Jeff Seifried. “We believe that Kuvera’s team of experts and experience in this community will make this a successful project that is good for Branson. It is gratifying to see that this longstanding Branson business believes in the future of Branson and wants to continue investing in a big way.”

See the research results here:

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H2R is a leader in providing consumer insights in the travel and tourism research industry.

Their study of new entertainment most wanted in Branson showed that an Aquarium ranked highest, with others coming in as follows:

1.  Aquarium

2. Zoo/Animal Attraction

3. Nationally Recognized Celebrity Performer

4. Botanical Gardens

5. Celebrity Concerts

6. Shows or Entertainment that Feature Unique Talent

7. Dining Available with Shows

8. Theme/Water Parks

8. Rock and Roll Music

9. Planetarium

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