Aquarium at the Boardwalk in Branson, MO is being designed to focus on fun, as you take a walking journey through the oceans of the world. Here, you’ll be mesmerized by up-close views of amazing creatures, ranging from colorful fish, seahorses, and jellyfish to octopi, eels, and sharks. Just imagine doing lots of laughing, and maybe even squealing, as you reach into the water to touch rays and sharks. Plus, along the way, there are plans for you to enjoy all kinds of entertaining activities, such as taking a photo wearing a high-tech diving suit, popping up inside a fish bowl, and sliding through a real tank!

Aquarium Interior:
Submarine Voyage

Step right up for aquatic fun that you won’t find anywhere else. Have your photo taken with a larger-than-life Giant Pacific Octopus on the Boardwalk, and see a real one too! There’s loads of excitement and games to play along the way to the Submarine Voyage that is planned to take you under the sea to visit the majestic life below the surface.

Journey Through The Waters Tunnel

Surround yourself with the sea as you walk through a tunnel right in the heart of the Aquarium and into a sunken ancient city. You’ll be thrilled with sightings of a variety of sharks, a graceful sea turtle, and all kinds of uniquely-striped and patterned fish as they swim circles all around you.

Jelly Fish
Infinity Room

Celebrate the boundless beauty of the moon jelly in the most unique way… in the proposed Branson Aquarium’s Jelly Fish Infinity Room. These bioluminescent beings are amazing to watch and even more incredible when you experience them glowing all around you in a color-changing environment that you control!


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Mermaid Palace

Discover a magical underwater Palace where heroic Mermaids safeguard the sea, and you can become an honorary member! Their lovely fortress has been designed for you to enjoy tales of the deep with a real live mermaid.  Plus, take in the mesmerizing sight of schooling fish, seahorses, and butterfly fish.



Aquarium TIF Facts

If Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is approved, Kuvera Partners will be fully funded and ready to begin building the 46,000-square-foot Aquarium at the Boardwalk on the property of the long-vacant Grand Palace. The City’s consultants have validated that without TIF assistance, Kuvera’s anticipated rate of return would not be sufficient to justify the risk of…

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City Takes Next Step to Allow for Development of Aquarium in Branson

Branson’s Board of Aldermen voted tonight to approve the terms of a redevelopment agreement that would pave the way for Kuvera Partners, through its affiliate Branson Entertainment Center – Branson (BECB), to build a 46,000 square foot fun aquarium on the long-vacant Grand Palace property.   The main provisions of the agreement would allow the…

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Can Aquariums in Branson and Springfield Both Be Successful? Yes!

Since Kuvera Partners announced its plans for the proposed Aquarium at the Boardwalk, there have been some questions about a potential conflict with Wonders of Wildlife in Springfield. “Our study of this situation and experience in the attractions industry tells us that there is nothing to worry about here,” says Tej Sundher, Partner. “We have…

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Amazing Rays

Look above your head and across the horizon to appreciate the gliding, diving beauty of stingrays in your own undersea observation station. This area is also planned to have an amazing photo op where your youngster pops up in the tank, getting delightfully close to bottom-dwelling Blue Dot stingrays and “winged” Sea Robins.


Now’s your chance to dip your fingers into the cool water and feel the bumpy lumpy Horseshoe Crabs, sandpapery Cownose Rays, and smooth from head-to-tail but course from tail-to-head Bamboo Sharks. You’ll be charmed by this opportunity to make new fish friends and get to know about their habits and habitats.


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Jelly Fish Climber &
Aquarium Slide

Scale a replica of the ocean’s giant jellyfish – a sea nettle! You’ll hear lots of happy squeals and laughter as you watch youngsters enjoy their self-directed adventures inside a 14-foot, net-enclosed climber. Keep your camera ready in case yours decides to whoosh down the slide through a swarm of spiny Lionfish!

Coral REEF

Get a vast view of a gorgeous coral reef, teeming with tropical marine life. If Branson Aquarium is built, you’ll marvel at the array of Angelfish, Batfish, Tangs, and many other species in their brilliant colors… and catch a final glimpse of the sharks and rays that come gliding through.