Submarine Adventure

Step right up for aquatic fun that you won’t find anywhere else. Have your photo taken with a larger-than-life Giant Pacific Octopus on the Boardwalk and see a real one too! Inside, take a 5D submarine ride to the bottom of the ocean and explore ten zones of fish & fun on your way back up to the surface. Sea you soon!

Journey Through The Waters Tunnel

Surround yourself with the sea as you walk through a tunnel right in the heart of the Aquarium and into a sunken ancient city. You’ll be thrilled with sightings of a variety of sharks and all kinds of uniquely striped and patterned fish as they swim circles all around you.

Infinity Room

Celebrate the boundless beauty of the moon jelly in the most unique way… in the Branson Aquarium’s Jelly Infinity Room. These bioluminescent beings are amazing to watch and even more incredible when you experience them glowing all around you in a color-changing environment that you control!



Eight-armed hugs and fish kisses from Aquarius the Octopus and Finn the Puffer Fish! Aquarius is a Giant Pacific Octopus and like all octopuses is a camouflage king! He'll be hiding in nine places as you wind your way through the aquarium. Keep your eyes open and see how many you can find! Finn is a young, adventurous Golden Puffer with lots of energy. Her ability to use her puffing power keeps this little gal safe in the ocean.

Mermaid Palace

Discover a magical underwater Palace where heroic Mermaids safeguard the ocean’s coral reefs. Their lovely fortress features two fun photo ops for wanna-be Mermaids and Mermen to flaunt their tails. Plus, take in the mesmerizing sight of thousands of schooling sardines and hundreds of tiny seahorses in their own unique habitats.

Amazing Rays

Look above your head and across the horizon to appreciate the gliding, diving sight of stingrays in an undersea oasis. These beauties travel in a school all around The Grand Aquarium, always curious to see who’s swimming below them and peeking into their world.

Coral REEF

Get a vast view of a gorgeous coral reef, teeming with tropical marine life. You’ll marvel at the array of fish in their brilliant colors, all supported by their coral counterparts … and catch a final glimpse of the sharks and rays that come gliding overhead.


Now’s your chance to dip your fingers into the water and make new fish friends. You’ll be charmed by the feel of sandpapery rays, smooth sharks and lumpy crabs and delighted by the cold-water surging tide pool filled with bumpy starfish and sticky-tentacled anemones.

Coral Reefs:

Our Passion - Our Cause

Take home a greater awareness about, appreciation of, and inspiration to care for our earth's coral reefs. You'll see representations of gorgeous coral habitats along with live corals living harmoniously with our other marine animals. Discover the Kenya Tree coral, Button Polyps, Ricordea Mushroom corals, and more! Find out the many ways Aquarium at the Boardwalk is helping to support coral restoration efforts and how you can help!

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